Friday, August 8, 2008

Roulette system two.

The row method, on the roulette table you have three 2 to 1 rows, each row pays 2 to 1 so if you bet a $1 chip you get $3 back if you win. To play this system start by spinning the wheel before placing a bet until you see a pattern appear of six spins landing on only two of the three rows, once this pattern appears place a $1 bet on the row where it hasn't landed, if you win repeat the system by waiting for the pattern to appear before placing another bet and so on, if you lose double your next bet. Please look at the betting pattern and remember to always start with bet number one if you win.

Bet. Win.
1$1.00 $3.00
2$2.00 $6.00
3$3.00 $9.00
4$4.00 $12.00
5$6.00 $18.00
6$9.00 $27.00
7$13.00 $39.00
8$20.00 $60.00

Bet total $58.00
Win total $174.00

Good luck and please let me know how you get on.

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