Friday, August 8, 2008

Amazing Roulette winning software.

Ive just recently discover this amazing Roulette winning software, If you're like me, you're probably reading this article because you enjoy playing roulette. Roulette is primarily a game of chance. When you employ certain strategies to the roulette wheel, you can increase your odds of winning dramatically - and everybody wants to win.

As I was scouring the Internet looking for a new winning roulette strategy I came across a piece of software called Roulette Sniper. I installed the 60 minute trial version that the Roulette Sniper website gives you and tried it out. I couldn't believe how accurately, just the trial version was predicting where I should bet. Within the first 10 minutes I won enough money to actually pay for the Roulette Sniper software.

Now I've been using Roulette Sniper for the last a couple months and I think it is one of the most valuable tools out there for winning at roulette. I'm not going to show you the income that I earn using Roulette Sniper, but I am going to tell you that works.

Some basic tips that I recommend with Roulette Sniper is to use conservative settings, but increase the low/high numbers by about five points. Depending on what casinos you play at, this may decrease the number of betting opportunities you get but will increase the amount of winnings you get, so it is best to choose a casino where you can disable the animation.

Like always use wise money management strategies when gambling at the casinos and you will prosper and walk away wealthy.

If you want to give Roulette Sniper a try, go to the website, Click here and sign up for the trial version.

Roulette system two.

The row method, on the roulette table you have three 2 to 1 rows, each row pays 2 to 1 so if you bet a $1 chip you get $3 back if you win. To play this system start by spinning the wheel before placing a bet until you see a pattern appear of six spins landing on only two of the three rows, once this pattern appears place a $1 bet on the row where it hasn't landed, if you win repeat the system by waiting for the pattern to appear before placing another bet and so on, if you lose double your next bet. Please look at the betting pattern and remember to always start with bet number one if you win.

Bet. Win.
1$1.00 $3.00
2$2.00 $6.00
3$3.00 $9.00
4$4.00 $12.00
5$6.00 $18.00
6$9.00 $27.00
7$13.00 $39.00
8$20.00 $60.00

Bet total $58.00
Win total $174.00

Good luck and please let me know how you get on.

Roulette system one.

This is a simple game of colors. Black and Red. This has also been called a suckers bet and a terrible system as it does not go with the odds. However, it has consistently won for myself and many others. Because half the numbers are red and the other half black (minus the casino advantage of 0) you get a 50-50 chance of winning. To start spin the wheel and wait for 3 blacks or 3 reds to come in one after another then place your bet on the color which didn't come in, its a good idea to start with a $1.00 stake, if you win repeat the bet using the system and so on starting every time with your $1.00 bet, however if you lose the bet simply double the next bet and so on unto to you win, once back in control start again with your original $1.00 bet. Good luck, please let me know how you got on.

Welcome to my free casino winning systems.

i would like to share my casino winning methods, i won't promise that i can make you a millionaire over night but with these easy to follow systems you too can stat making lots of money from online casinos if you follow my methods. All the methods that i am going teach you are Free. You don't have to pay me anything, although it would be nice to hear your comments or your views, methods and winnings. Just learn the methods and practice them over and over again in the online casinos. Before playing for real money at the casinos start playing in practice mode so you can see for yourself the amount you can win before taking my word for it. In my next post i will explain the basics of Roulette, how to beat the wheel.